Sorensen family early farming in the Powder River Valley
The family first settled in Wyoming in 1876 and filed the first of several homestead claims in 1881. The Sorenson family has been raising horses on the river since that time.
Draft horses were raised and sold for artillery horses in World War I & World War II.
Sorensen Family Draft Horses in Early Wyoming
Sorensen Family state stop in early Wyoming
While building the ranches Sorensons ran the first stage line up in Powder River. The stage ran from Arvada Wyoming to Moorhead Montana. . They also ran a road ranch where stages and freighters stopped overnight. Here they ate and fed their teams.
The family also has outfitted on the ranch and in the Bighorn Mountains taking pack and hunting trips for many years.
Sorensen family outfitting Bighorn Mountains hunting trips
Sorensen family raised race horses in early Wyoming
One of the favorite past times of the family was horse racing, many were winners.
Horses have been a part of every aspect of our lives whether its work or pleasure.
Sorensen family working with horses in early Wyoming
Powder River Quarter Horses exhibit excellence in breeding
When looking for a horse with speed, agility, style, performance, endurance and a calm steady mind names like Hancock, Peter McCue, Leo, Hard Twist, Joe Reed, King, Easter King and Powder River Horses go hand in hand.


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